• An Arduino/Particle Photon Project
  • Computer Vision and AI within Projects
  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • IOT & Lights (Neopixels) in Combo with ESP
  • IOT: Smart Campus
  • Meet the SumoRobot
  • IOT infrastructure Options (Latency, Security, Resilience, UX)
  • Python Micro Games with the Raspberry Pi
  • Taking Community Driven projects to Market
  • Tech Combo (IOT, Sensors, Light, RP3)

Hackster and Element14 Tutors

  • Phil Hutchinson (element14 Community Team, UK)
    Phil is the element14 community in-house Maker, livestream host and a real life cyborg.
    – Introduction to 3D Printing
    – Design for a Cause
  • Mike G (element14 Presents Video Producer and Community Member, UK)
    Video games sparked Mike’s interest in his hobby electronics. He recently got into 3D printing. He loves making things with it and learning by doing.
    – Python Micro Games with the Raspberry Pi
  • Clemens Mayer (element14 Presents Video Producer and Community Member, Austria)
    Clemens is a maker and 3D printing enthusiast. When he gets an idea, he starts building and learns the skills for the project as he goes.
    – Taking Community Driven projects to Market
  • Dave Edwards (element14 Presents Video Producer and Community Member, UK)
    From a very young age, Dave liked to tinker and take things apart. At the age of 18, he started to discover that electronics and computing could overlap. Other than a few simple PC mods, his first big project was a touchscreen coffee table.
    – IOT infrastructure Options (Latency, Security, Resilience, UX)
  • Enrico Miglino  (element14 Presents Video Producer and element14 Community, Belgium)
    Enrico has always been interested in electronics and making short films. His first development board was the Rockwell AIM65. Now, none of his projects are complete with a video showing the making-of and the making at work.
    – Computer Vision and AI within Project
  • Ingo Lohs (Hackster) is an IT expert and heavily active in the communities with over 100 projects published. His projects are based on Arduino, Particle and Photon devices. Many of his designs target starting users who are interested in measuring environmental data. He is active in communities for several years.
    – An Arduino/Particle Photon Project
  • Agis Wichert (Hackster) got his first Arduino in 2015 and since then develops different projects with it. With the ESP8266 came the fascination for IoT. Since 2017 he publishes projects and tutorials on Hackster.io and Youtube to share the fascination behind it.
    – IOT & Lights (Neopixels) in Combo with ESP
  • Silver Kuusik (Hackster): After completing his master’s degree in Computer Science, Silver has pursued a career as a passionate maker and freelancer. While being a member of the Robotics Club of the Estonian IT College, together with Lauri Võsandi he developed the SumoRobot tool and the format of the workshop. He conducted a number of workshops for children, teaching them the basics of programming and robotics.
    – Meet the SumoRobot
  • Tom Collins is director of C4IOT and curator of the IoT Methodology, with a background as a full stack IoT developer, product manager and tech’ evangelist for startups and corporates such as Intel, AllThingsTalk, PLEQ and other IoT initiatives around Europe. Tom recently started a research role at Aarhus University in Denmark developing strategies for digital business model development, and exploring service design methods for adoption of novel technologies in SME’s. You can read more on Tom’s work at www.iotmethodology.com.
    – IOT: Smart Campus
    – IOT Methodology Co-creation Kit
  • Sven Haiges (Hackster), having a degree in computer science and an MBA, is an active community member for years, his projects cover and combine a variety of top themes in the community, from Raspberry PI3+ to sensors, motion-controlled cameras in a IOT application.
    – Tech Combo of IOT, Sensors, Light and Raspberry PI3+